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FAST TURN PCB is a circuit maker specializing in PCB manufacturing and assembly, with excellent and quick turn PCB fabrication and circuit card assembly capabilities.

What are the advantages of one-stop PCBA services?

For some startups, solution companies, or small businesses, choosing PCBA processing is quite common. For the above-mentioned enterprises, due to the lack of a complete supply chain system and matching engineering and procurement teams, there is a need for a service provider that can provide a series of services such as PCB, electronic components, SMT mounting, assembly and testing.

Fast turn PCB
1、 Accurate PCB cost accounting
If small or start-up companies want to grow and strengthen, they must possess a skill, which is to have accurate financial planning. However, due to the imperfect system, suppliers are often required to provide complete quotation details, which is also the basic service of a one-stop PCBA processing plant. In fact, early cost assessment of a project is of great help in controlling manufacturing risks. Usually, for one-stop PCBA labor and material suppliers, SMT processing and sampling services can also be provided to conduct functional verification and evaluation for large orders, thereby assisting in the stage from design scheme to finished product testing. It is generally not possible to obtain this service simply by searching for SMT surface mount processing factories.
2、 Being able to identify problems at the source
The main advantage of a one-stop PCBA package for labor and material processing is that any problems can be detected early. In fact, once you share the BOM list and Gerber information with the PCBA manufacturer, they will be able to point out the existing problem points (if any). Then, some small errors that occur during the design phase can be improved before production, rather than costly changes and repairs or scrapping of the entire batch of products after the entire production process.

one-stop PCBA services

3、 Data traceability
The significant advantage of a one-stop PCBA labor and material package service is that, in addition to saving time, it can also unify the management of data in all aspects. Reduced communication, negotiation, and identification with various suppliers. At the same time, each process is located under a large system, which makes the processes seamlessly connected. Avoiding costly repair consequences caused by communication errors between suppliers. In addition, if there are any quality abnormalities, it is also easy to clarify the responsibility and save the complex process of investigation and evidence collection. All responsibility lies with the one-stop service provider for any issues.

one-stop PCBA services
4、 Save time, effort, worry, trouble, and money
The one-stop PCBA package manufacturer is responsible for the entire processing process, and the obvious advantage of this is that a professional engineering and procurement team can save customers valuable time, allowing them to focus on product launch, marketing, and research and development of new products. At the same time, there is no need to spend time and effort searching for cost-effective quotes for individual links, nor is there a need to go through separate procurement and then find SMT processing plants for efficient assembly. From a cost perspective, time is definitely saved, and the corresponding costs are also decreasing.

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