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FAST TURN PCB is a circuit maker specializing in PCB manufacturing and assembly, with excellent and quick turn PCB fabrication and circuit card assembly capabilities.

SMT process capability

Project Name PCBA Processing Capability
Delivery time Routine proofing lead time is 24 hours (as fast as 6 hours expedited)
Small lot delivery in 72 hours (as fast as 24 hours expedited)
Small to medium lot delivery time in 5 days
All of the above times are calculated as soon as all components and materials such as PCBs are ready.
Capacity SMT mount 5 million dots/day, post insertion soldering 500,000 dots/day, 50-100 models/day
Components Service Complete Substitute With a mature and effective component procurement management system, we serve PCBA foundry OEM projects with high cost performance.
A team of professional procurement engineers and experienced purchasing personnel are responsible for our customers' component procurement and management.
Customers choose our complete set of substitute materials to greatly reduce procurement and management costs, eliminate the hassle of multiple communications, and improve the effectiveness of their work.
Only OEM With a strong sourcing management team and component supply chain, we tend to offer our customers a full range of PCBA foundry services. Of course, we are also happy to provide SMT processing services to our customers.
Customers to provide us with components and PCB light board, we SMD after welding. To ensure the quality of the finished product, all of our PCBAs are mounted on the machine, and the customer-supplied material needs to be guaranteed to be a full package such as tray and material tape packaging.
Partial Substitution Some of our customers' core components or special components are provided by our customers, we are happy to perform substitution service for other components for our customers, and the convenience of our customers is the guideline of our work.
PCBA soldering type We offer surface mount (SMT), post insertion soldering (THT) or both for PCBA soldering services. Of course, double-sided mounting is the most basic capability.
Solder Paste/Solder Wire/Solder Strip We provide leaded and lead-free (RoHS compliant) SMT services to our customers. We also provide custom soldering services for different metal contents of solder paste according to customer requirements.
We have long maintained a close working relationship with thousands of pillars, Alpha and other solder suppliers, only for higher quality needs, customer needs, we do it!
Stencil We use laser stencils to ensure the placement of components such as small pitch ICs and BGAs to IPC-2 Class or better.
Minimum order We start with 5 pieces, but we recommend that our customers produce a minimum of 5 samples for their own analysis and testing.
Components Size •Passive components: We specialize in placing small components like imperial 01005 (0.4mm * 0.2mm), 0201.
•High precision ICs such as BGA: We can inspect BGA components with Min 0.25mm pitch by X-ray.
Components packaging SMT components we accept reels, cut strips, tubes and trays in machine ready packaging. Post-solder components are accepted in bulk.
Maximum Part Placement Accuracy (100FP) Full placement accuracy up to ±50 microns, full repeatability up to ±30 microns
Placeable PCB board types Hard PCB (FR-4, metal substrate), soft PCB (FPC), combined hard and soft PCB
PCB Sizes for SMT •Minimum board size: 50mm x 50mm (boards smaller than this size need to be pieced together, larger than 100mm * 100mm is recommended for efficiency)
•Maximum board size: 400mm x 1200mm (industry maximum processing size)
Maximum thick plate Batch size no greater than 3mm, no thickness limit for samples
File formats BOM, PCB (Gerber file and most PCB design format files), coordinate files)
Testing Before delivery, we will apply various test methods to PCBAs that are in assembly or already assembled:
• IQC: incoming inspection;
• IPQC: in-process inspection;
• Visual QC: routine quality checks;
• AOI: check solder paste, soldering effect of SMD components, less parts or components polarity;
• X-Ray: Inspect components of BGA, QFN and other high precision hidden PADs;
• Function Test: Test the function and performance according to the customer's test procedure and steps to ensure the requirements are met.
• Aging test: Test functionality and performance according to customer's test procedures and steps to ensure compliance.
Repair & Rework Our BGA rework service safely removes misaligned, misaligned, and mis-soldered BGAs, and places them back onto the PCB in perfect alignment.