Multilayer pcb

Multilay PCB and High frequency PCB

2-3 days delivery

MOV $10

hdi pcb

HDI blind buried board

5-7 days delivery

MOV $20

rigid flex pcb

Rigid flex pcb

5-7 days delivery

MOV $20


PCBA Assembly

Component Purchase

MOV $100/prototype


PCBA Assembly

24 hours delivery

A B O U T   Fast Turn PCB

Fast Turn PCB is a China high-tech PCB and Assembly Manufacturer, It is currently the fast growing high-tech company with leading technology. In China’s printed circuit board and Assembly industry. We have over 12 years of experience Technical team and hard-working R&D team that can satisfy customers from High-end PCB manufacturing and assembly. Fast Turn PCB specializes in prototype development and Medium volume production of high-end printed circuit boards, component purchasing and quick turn Assembly . Our products cover multi-layer 4 to 50 layers, HDI boards 5 to 7days,  RF board, Rigid-flex, flex, High frequency and Assembly.

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Our Advantage

4-10 layers pcb Rush Service 2-3 days

HDI PCB Rush Service 5-7 Days

smt Prototype Rush Service 1-3 Days

Component Purchase Insure parts is original

Difficuit board We have team Work for it

PCB Design 15 years layout 50+ design team

Q U A L I T Y   A S S U R A N C E