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Main service: Quick turn PCB prototype and pcb layout for the Communications, Industrial control, Aerospace and Medical equipment.

  • PCB Fabrication Services
    PCB Fabrication Services Your Reliable PCB Prototype & PCB Fabrication Manufacturer Fast Turn PCB is Quick Turn Multilayer PCB Prototype &Small Volume Factory with ISO 9001:2015, specializing in quick turn prototype and providing reliable printed circuit board, especially HDI, blind&buried board. Fast Turn PCB is committed to improving customers' satisfaction with reliable production quality and efficient service. Custom Service: * Engineering Support: PCB file will be checked by our PCB engineer before manufacturing to avoid any pre-process mistake. * Customers Service: Every feedback to our service department will be dealt with in time. And we can also provide some reasonable suggestions with the pcb files to enhance the competitiveness of product in the markets. * Full Tracking: Systematic order process, could check the production status of the entire purchase order. And our we will send you the WIP third times a week for the regular prototype and daily WIP for the quick turn order. * Standard Packing and On time Delivery: All the outgoing boards will be packaged in the vaccum ESD bay and carton . They are well protected. You can choose whatever delivery service such as Fedex, DHL, UPS or TNT at your convenience. The material we used •FR-4 Mid. Tg 150 degree: IT 158 • FR-4 High Tg 175 degree: IT 180A, S1000-2, TU-768 • Rogers 4350B & 4003C: • Polyimide: VT-901, SH260 • N 4000 series • Halogen Free Material S1155 & S1165 • PTFE • Megtron_4 & Megtron_6 • Non-conductive and Conductive resin • Taconic • Aluminum base material Our Suppliers: Material Datasheet Download Products Process Manufacturing Certification: Delivery Cycle Fast Turn PCB has been dedicated to quick turn pcb prototypes for more than 10 years. It can manufacture pcb boards with a fast turn time. For the singled-side or doubled-sided pcb board, we can make it within 24 hours. And for the 6-12 layer board, the fastest time can be 72 hours. And the OTD is up to 98% for the quick turn prototypes. Main Products Application Our Customers: We have been established a long-term partnership with many famous enterprises. The followings are our faithful partners:
  • PCB Layout Services
    PCB Layout Services Quality PCB Layout, Quality Customer Service - Your Total PCB Layout Solution Fast Turn PCB Design Team specializes in high-performance PCB physical design (layout). Our senior Engineers are committed to offer you the best service: *the highest quality product *the newest tools *100% satisfaction Senior Engineers Average working experience : 10years+ Good understanding of latest hardware technology Good spoken and written English, Communicate daily with customer on designs. Work in shifts to meet tight schedule if needed. EDA Tools We Use Cadence Allegro Mentor PADS Altium Designer Eagle PCB Cost-effective We offer different pricing method according to you needs , you just choose the lowest. Quick Delivery: Use customized scripts to speed up the design. Average 500pin/day 90%+ on time delivery Main design services: *Digital Processor Chip Sets (Intel and AMD) Memory (DDR2, DDR3, and DDR4) High Speed Backplane / Midplane Design Interfaces (Gig Ethernet/PHY’s, PCIe, SFP/SFP+, SATA, etc) Single Ended and Differential Controlled Impedance Design *Analog Low level high sensitivity circuits High power AD / DA Circuits RF Circuits *Power High voltage/current Switchers *PI / SI Power integrity simulation Signal integrity simulation Timing Analysis *DFX Design for Manufacturing / Assembly / Test Our Key PCB Design Team: Graduated from Ningbo University With 14 years experience in the PCB design industry: Established Fast Turn PCB Design Team and in charge of oversea design Team since 2015; Successfully served as Team leader both at Fastprint Silicon Valley Design Center and Chengdu Design Center for 6 years. Expertise: Sharing good cooperation relationship with some famous Telecom enterprises such as MARVELL, Ericsson, Cisco on their design projects; Having rich PCB design experience in communication industry. Graduated from Guangdong Foshan University of Science and Technology With 17 years experience in the PCB design industry, worked for many professional PCB design company like Fastprint and Hampoo, joined Fast Turn PCB design team in 2015 and works as Guangzhou branch design manager from then on. So far, leads more than 1,000 PCB projects, covered extensive industry sectors such as military, communications, medical, consumer electronics, industrial control and scientific research. Technical Director (Guangzhou) As one of the earliest batch of domestic designers engaged in PCB design field with 16 years experience, having working experience in a well-known Taiwanese motherboard design and manufacturing enterprises, joined Fast Turn PCB design team in 2015 and works as Technical Director at Guangzhou Design Center from then on. Have rich practical experience in the field of PC computer motherboards, led nearly 600 design projects with the cumulative sales of more than 1 billion yuan. Graduated from University of Electronic Science and Technology. With 7 years experience in the PCB design industry, worked as a senior PCB design engineer at  Fastprint Chengdu Design Center, made an important contribution to the establishment and development of Fast Turn Design Team. Skilled in the PCB planning and design of digital-analog hybrid board, led many big projects on different types of PCB board like digital-analog hybrid board,communication board, medical board, industrial board and the latest INTEL architecture DDR4 server motherboard. Familiar with the design of blind&buried board, flexible board and RF circuit, serves main customers in China like GE(Beijing), Inspur Electronics, Raisecom, Xi'an Pu Communication, University of Electronic Science and Technology. Our Customers: We have been established a long-term partnership with many famous enterprises. The followings are our faithful partners: Research Institutes Xi 'an optical precision machinery research institute China electronics technology corporation tenth research institute Research institute of China electronics technology corporation Changchun optical precision machinery research Enterprises General electric (GE) chengdu research and development center Riskanda technology development co. LTD Sichuan Andy tech industry co. LTD Texas instruments semiconductor manufacturing (chengdu) co. LTD Universities University of electronic science and technology Beijing university of science and technology Southwest jiaotong university Chengdu information engineering college Chongqing university of posts and telecommunications
About Us
About Us

Fast Turn PCB has been established since 2007, which is a professional manufacturer specialized in high-end, multi-layer, special type and quick turn around PCB with both prototype and low/medium volume production support. The company adhere to the principle of " Top quality, High precision, Special and Fast delivery" to serve for the market. It is gaining favor from 8000 customers from all over the world, and recognized as " the best coping capacity in technical and all-around service". Moreover, Fast Turn PCB got a reputation for " Manufacturing expert of special PCB". With such a great responsibility and the guidance of our business “market-oriented, quality centric ”, Fast Turn PCB is continuously importing advanced production facilities and recruiting technician to provid the most innovative printed circuit board technologies and highest quality standards for its loyal customers. Fast Turn PCB is dedicated to provide the faster and outstanding service for high-technology enterprises and scientific research in home and aboard. To work in advance production facilities and testing equipments from United States, Italy, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan etc, we have ISO-9001 and UL-E471959 certification. And for the PCB fabrication, we provide the following types:High Density Inverter Multilayer Board, Blind buried Multilayer Board, Impedance control PCB, High frequency board, FR4+other Material, High-TG Board, Flexible board, Flex-rigid Board applied in the Communications, Industrial control, Network , IT, National Defense, Aerospace and Medical equipment.  While strengthening the leading position in Rigid Flex Board industry, Fast Turn PCB continues to develop new products,new technology and build R/D department to adapt to the markets. Our techniques include: blind micro-via (BMV) (TH) and Blind buried Multilayer Board; Pierced Flexible-PCB, Special Base material; Special printing Ink ; Controlled width and thickness signal lines; Special characteristic impedance of signal lines; High temperature of white printing Ink ; Special shield of signal lines, etc.  Fast Turn PCB has been pursuing the excellent quality as its eternal faith and will continue to provide the globalization of product, service and technical support. Quality is the life of enterprise !

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Main Product

Main processing products: LCD TV, MID, network, industrial control board, medical treatment, POS, set-top box, intelligent charger.

Company Witness

Many of our long-term partners have witnessed our progress and spoken highly of us for the years' cooperation.

A business trip to ALTUS PCB, a PCB Maker in New Jersey

A business trip to ALTUS PCB, a PCB Maker in New Jersey On July 2015, our vice president James went to America for a business trip. And visited our friend in ALTUS PCB, a PCB Maker in New Jersey. We have been worked together for more than 8 years. And what we gained is not only business but also friendship. Every time we pay a visit to the US, we will have a happy gathering together.

We have been a small volume pcb production supplier for PCI US

We have been a small volume pcb production supplier for PCI US We have successfully made a deal on a small volume production order with PCI US, and then we are having a lunch together. Since then we have more cooperation on the multilayer prototype and HDI board. And we are now ready to cooperate on the a middle  size volume production.  We are aiming to provide a better service to meet your need. 

We are not only partner but also friends---Jabil company

We are not only partner but also friends---Jabil company We have established a good partnership with Jabil company, as well as a good friendship. As we know, Jabil is a well-known enterprise. We have established a long term partner with  them and they also speak highly of us . Look what they say: Dear Rocky, Thank you again very much for the huge effort for keeping the shop open on holidays for our quickturn job.Two boards programmed      perfectly.  ---David Lindsey  PCB designer         08/23 2011

We made a deal with P3Ti and been its reliable multilayer pcb manufacturer

We made a deal with P3Ti and been its reliable multilayer pcb manufacturer We paid a visit to our faithful customers P3Ti, and took the picture after a new order was deal. We have been cooperated with P3Ti for years, and we have become stable partners for the multilayer pcb prototype. And now we are going to expanded our cooperation to small-volume production. 

We have a reseach meeting with EPIQ France company

We have a reseach meeting with EPIQ France company Our vice president James paid a business trip to EPIQ France company. And visited their research room. After the meeting, we have signed a cooperation term on high-end pcb board prototype. And we are now their only quick turn prototype supplier. Dear Nicole, Thank you very much you guys push in my job PN:28731 Rev A , I received it 4 days early than my expect date . it would help me to meet my customer's ship date . again , thanks for your help . ---Rick Hernandez     Vice president

Masterwork Electronics has established a long term partnership with us

Masterwork Electronics has established a long term partnership with us On Sep. 2011, we paid a visit to Masterwork Electronics in US. And they though highly of  Fast Turn. This is a good start for our cooperation. After that, we have been  long term partners.  Dear walker, Just wanted to say thanks for the great job you guys did. We are about 50% through our testing and everything looks great so far. This high quality and speed on this job has really made a difference in achieving our ramp and time-to-market schedule.    ---Richard Hernandez  Sr.Designer
Latest News
  • Big winner in the 5G era - PCB
    Big winner in the 5G era - PCB 2019-03-18

    The arrival of 5G is the real beginning of All things interconnection. 5G will complete the interconnection of all things in the world. With the advent of the 5G era, communicative PCBs will also embrace its new era. 1.The demands of thinness and lightness design for the applications such as 5G mobile phones and tablet PCs drive FPC market space to improve. IDC predicts that the first batch of 5G smartphones will be available in the second half of 2019. By 2020, shipments of 5G handsets will reach 7% of total smartphone shipments (approximately 212 million units) and will account for 18% by 2022. According to industrial research, at least 20 FPC item numbers in the new Apple mobile phone have a value space of more than 20 US dollars, and PC  products are expected to be further thinner and lighter, and FPC products will be used in mass production. 2. Automotive electronics, motorization, and intelligentialize will bring incremental market space to PCBs First, intelligent driving & automotive electronics: Electronic electronics will boost PCB usage. In 2018, automotive electronics accounted for about 35% of the total BOM, and it is expected that this proportion will increase to 50% by 2030. As the degree of automotive electronics deepens, the demand for automotive PCBs will gradually increase. In addition, ADAS, the advanced driver assistance system for smart driving, also requires a large amount of PCB. Second, new energy vehicles: New energy vehicles have significantly improved PCB usage compared to traditional vehicles. 3. Cloud computing The data center promotes the demand for high-end PCB products such as high-frequency and high-speed PCBs. At present, the global data center has developed into high-speed, large-capacity and other characteristics. According to IDC statistics, after the 5G era, the global data center market will grow significantly, with a growth rate of more than 20%.

  • Industrial robots in the PCB industry
    Industrial robots in the PCB industry 2019-03-09

    The PCB industry is a technology-intensive and capital-intensive industry, but it is still a labor-intensive industry. A large number of automation equipment requires manual operation and assembly line operations. With the improvement of robot performance and price reduction, "automation equipment + the industrial robot operation "replaces the traditional "automation equipment + manual operation" production mode will become the transformation trend of the PCB industry. Industrial robots for industrial pcb boards have become an inevitable trend. There are currently three mainstream industrial robots, including: SCARA (four-axis parallel joint robot), DELTA (parallel robot), and six-axis articulated robot (including multi-joint robots with six or more axes and derived dual-arm robots). The following examples illustrate three representative applications of robots: 1. Six-axis multi-joint robot for AOI inspection process We use a six-axis multi-joint robot to replace the workers responsible for the boarding, turning and closing of the two AOI machines. Each shift can complete more than 700 PCB rigid boards, and the overall efficiency can reach 1/min. This includes the AOI machine scan time). 2,SCARA robot is used for circuit board coil detection process We can use the SCARA robot to complete the loading and unloading of the matching inspection equipment, and realize the one-time detection of all the coils of the large-aperture board. For the small-aperture board, we use the SCARA equipment to perform the fixed probe and visually locate. With the probe to detect each coil, our equipment also effectively avoids the missed detection due to small aperture or large aperture. 3. DELTA robot for small circuit board cartoning process The Delta800 plus a vision system can pick out the qualified FPC stack and place it in the blister tray as required, which is no less effective than manual. His speed can reach 60 pieces/min, which can completely replace the manual sorting. In the near future, Fast Turn PCB will introduce these industrial robots to enhance our productivity and efficiency. Since throwing its hat into printed circuit board industry, Fast Turn PCB always tries its best to adopt the most advanced equipment to make rigid circuit board, rigid-flex circuits etc. with high quality for our clients. Choose us, you deserve the most suitable products and the most satisfying service at a good price. More information, please check our website: Please click on the links below to learn more about the advantages of industrial robots in the PCB industry.

  • The advantages of Industrial robots in the PCB industry
    The advantages of Industrial robots in the PCB industry 2019-02-16

    The replacement of labor by industrial robots in the PCB industry has brought many advantages to the enterprises. Mainly reflected in the following aspects: 1.Reduce labor, speed up work and improve working efficiency. The robot can achieve higher speed for the repetitive operations, which can be much higher than the manual work tempo, resulting in a significant increase in work efficiency and decrease in labor costs and management costs. 2.Improve work accuracy and improve product quality. Robots can use programming and vision systems to achieve accurate positioning and repeatability, effectively improving the quality of the product. 3.Avoid potential threats to workers' health and safety in the operating environment and save the cost on environmental protection. 4.Reduce the efficiency and quality degradation and accident rate caused by the influence of repeated and dry processes on the state of workers; 5.Optimize the operation process and reduce the working space. 6.Effectively reduce the material consumption rate. 7. Can work continuously for 24 hours and work in a black light environment; 8. The manufacturing process can be made flexible. In the future, the PCB industry will have more and more orders in small quantities. The use of industrial robots can greatly increase the flexibility of production and achieve fast delivery of orders. 9、Improve the brand image and reputation. The application of industrial robots has further improved the automation level of PCB manufacturers, and promoted the advancement of product quality, production efficiency, cost control, and responsiveness, and improved the overall competitiveness of manufacturers in the industry. With so many advantages, industrial robots will certainly be widely used in the PCB industry and promote the development of the industry. The combination of industrial robots and the Internet of Things will make the manufacturing process more intelligent and flexible, which must be a major progress in the PCB industry. Fast turn pcb is the established leader in providing innovative and reliable PCB solutions for the electronic design industry.  With over 20 years of experience in supplying high quality, on-time PCB prototypes and mass production, Fast turn pcb is committed to improving production process for the design engineer from quote to delivery.  For more information about innovative PCB solutions, or to learn more about quote and ordering process, please visit

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