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FAST TURN PCB is a circuit maker specializing in PCB manufacturing and assembly, with excellent and quick turn PCB fabrication and circuit card assembly capabilities.

one stopPCB assembly factory

PCB assembly test

We fully comprehend that poor quality products would cause our customers to suffer significant financial loss and will harm both our reputation and that of our clients, thus we go through a number of quality assurance measures before shipping any of our boards to ensure their quality.

These testing methods include:

  • Visual Inspection,
  • X-Ray Inspection,
  • AOI Inspection,
  • Voltage Test,
  • Chip Programming,
  • ICT test (In-circuit test), and
  • Functional test (test software and instructions need to be supplied).
AOI  Inspection
 Defect TypeAOI
ComponentsLifted lead
 Missing components
 Misaligned/Misplaced components
 Open circuits
SolderingSolder bridges
 Solder shorts
 Insufficient solder
 Excess solder
Automated X-Ray Inspection

X-Ray is used to test complex circuit boards that incorporate components with array-style or fine pitch packaging, such as BGAs, CGAs (Column Grid Arrays), CSPs (Chip Size Package), and so on. X-Ray is often installed during the assembly process, just following the last soldering, whether wave soldering or reflow soldering. Furthermore, X-Ray is frequently used in conjunction with boundary scan tests, ICT, and functional tests to achieve the best inspection results.

Fast turn PCB
Fast turn PCB
 Defect TypeAXI
ComponentsLifted lead
 Missing components
 Misaligned/Misplaced components
SolderingOpen circuits
 Solder bridges
 Solder shorts
 Insufficient solder
 Solder void
 Solder quality
 Excess solder
BGA and CSPBGA Shorts
 BGA open circuit connections
Functional Test (FCT)
  • For Functional test, we just need customers provide us the testing instructions and testing software, then we will design the testing fixtures, programme the chips and test the boards as instructed. In such ways, all boards quality can be guaranteed before delivery.
  • After IC programming, AOI, and X-ray inspection, printed circuit board assemblies (PCBAs) need to be tested for functionality. You can be sure that the PCBAs will perform as expected in the field because FAST TURN, a contract manufacturer with expertise in turnkey PCB assembly, adds value to your assembly projects by offering functional testing (FCT) services. The most thorough test to identify the final pass/fail status of your board after production is PCBA functional testing.
Functional Testing Applications :
  • Opens & Shorts
  • Display Test
  • Power Supply
  • Digital Sections
  • Analog Sections
  • Mixed Signals
  • Interface / Communication Test (Calling, Bluetooth…)
  • Boundary Scan Test
  • Calibration

Chip Programming

And chip programming will be performed before the chips are mounted on the board. We support various package types including: