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FAST TURN PCB is a circuit maker specializing in PCB manufacturing and assembly, with excellent and quick turn PCB fabrication and circuit card assembly capabilities.

one stopPCB assembly factory

PCB Assembly Service

PCB Assembly Service
PCB Assembly Service

FAST TURN is an ISO9001 certified PCB assembly house, operates under strict standards and procedures of IPC-A-610 Class 2 and IPC-A-610 Class 3, providing services of PCB Assembly, electronic parts sourcing, PCB fabrication, and PCBA functional test for customers all over the world.

Armed with 4 high speed SMT production lines with 8 pieces SAMSUNG SM471 and SM481 high speed SMT machines (placement accuracy:±50um, placement speed: 1608chip CPH 42000; SOP, CPH 30000, which can handle 0201 package parts, fine pitch QFP,QFN,DFN, LGA,FPGA and BGA package IC chips very well), and two through hole assembly lines and more than 100 skilled workers, FAST TURN can meet our customers’ various kinds of needs.

FAST TURN offers DFM (Design for Manufacturing) checking services for all orders. This service is appropriate for PCBA prototypes in addition to low and medium volume manufacturing runs. We verify every element of your files, including BOM (Bill of Materials) and Gerber files, so that you can adjust your PCB design prior to manufacturing, thereby saving you substantial time and money and preventing wasteful prototyping assembly process repeats.

Our PCB Assembly Solutions

Full Turn-Key PCB Assembly

Full Turn-Key PCB Assembly

Full Turn-Key PCB Assembly includes PCB fabrication, parts sourcing, PCB assembly, QC inspection, and functional test. Customers only need to supply FAST TURN the PCB files and BOM, FAST TURN will handle everything for you.

Quick Turn Prototypes PCB Assembly

Quick Turn Prototypes PCB Assembly

For clients requiring a low quantity, convenient, and rapid prototype service, Fast Turn offers low-cost and rapid prototypes PCB assembly services. We guarantee on-time delivery of all assembled PCBs.

Low Volume PCB Assembly

Low Volume PCB Assembly

With facilities in China, Fast Turn offers short-run circuit board assembly services in accordance with your specifications at the most affordable price. Low volume PCB Assembly is typically defined as less than 1,000 PCBs.

Our PCB Assembly Capabilities

Assembly Types

●  SMT Assembly( with AOI inspection);

●  BGA Assembly(with X-Ray inspection);

●  Through-hole Assembly;

●  SMT & Through-hole Mixed Assembly;

●  Kit Assembly

Quality Inspection

●  AOI Inspection;

●  X-Ray Inspection

●  Voltage Test;

●  Chip Programming;

●  ICT Test; Functional Test

PCB Types

Rigid PCB

Metal core PCB;

Flex PCB; Rigid-Flex PCB

Component Types

●   Passives, smallest size 0201(inch)

●   Fine-pitch chips to 0.38mm

●   BGA (0.2mm pitch), FPGA, LGA, DFN,   QFN with X-Ray testing

●   Connectors and terminals

Components Sourcing

●  Full turnkey (All components sourced by Fast Turn);

●  Partial turnkey;

●  Kitted/Consigned

Solder TypesLeaded; Lead-Free(Rohs);
Water soluble solder paste

Files Required for

Quote and Production

●  Gerber RS-274X, 274D, or PCB Design file

●  BOM (Bill of Materials, .xls, xlsx)

●  Pick-N-Place file / XY file (for production only)

Order quantity

●  5pcs to 100,000pcs;

●  From Prototypes to Mass Production

Assembly Lead TimeFrom 8 hours to 72 hours when parts are ready
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