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In PCBA SMT processing, the component baking process is also important

In PCBA SMT processing, component baking is crucial. Before baking, it is necessary to screen, classify, clean, and inspect equipment. The baking process includes preheating, heating, constant temperature baking, and monitoring records. After baking, natural cooling, quality inspection, and proper packaging and storage are required. Safety operation, precise temperature control, and regular maintenance of equipment should be noted.

Fast turn PCB
1、 Preparation before baking
Component screening and classification: Firstly, it is necessary to screen and classify the components that are about to be baked. Different types of components may require different baking temperatures and times, so this step is crucial.
Cleaning components: Before baking, ensure that the surface of the components is clean and free of impurities such as oil and dust to avoid affecting the baking effect and subsequent processing.
Check baking equipment: Check if the baking equipment is operating properly and if the temperature control system is accurate to ensure stable and even temperature during the baking process.
2、 Baking process
Preheating stage: Preheat the baking equipment to the set initial temperature, usually a lower temperature, to avoid damage to components due to temperature fluctuations.
Gradually increasing temperature: According to the characteristics of the components and baking requirements, gradually increase the baking temperature to the target temperature. During this process, close attention should be paid to temperature changes to ensure a smooth rise in temperature.
Constant temperature baking: When the temperature reaches the preset target temperature, maintain that temperature for constant temperature baking. The baking time is set according to the specifications of the components and the manufacturer’s recommendations.
Monitoring and recording: During the baking process, the operating status of the baking equipment and the status of components should be regularly monitored, and key parameters such as baking time and temperature should be recorded in detail.

Fast turn PCB
3、 Post baking treatment
Natural cooling: After baking is completed, the baking equipment should be turned off to allow the components to cool slowly in a natural environment to avoid damage to the components caused by sudden temperature drops.
Quality inspection: After cooling, conduct a quality inspection on the components to ensure that they are intact and undamaged, and there are no cracks, deformations, or other problems caused by baking.
Packaging and storage: Qualified components should be properly packaged to prevent damage during storage and transportation. At the same time, it should be stored in a dry and ventilated environment to maintain its good condition.

Fast turn PCB
4、 Precautions
Safe operation: When performing baking operations, it is necessary to strictly follow safety regulations to ensure the personal safety of workers.
Temperature and time control: During the baking process, the temperature and time should be accurately controlled to avoid damage to components due to excessive temperature or prolonged baking.
Equipment maintenance: Regular maintenance and upkeep of baking equipment to ensure its stable performance, safety, and reliability.

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