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SMT working environment requirements

SMT surface mount processing requires a strict working environment, including constant temperature and humidity, dust-free environment, electrostatic protection, good lighting and ventilation, equipment adaptability, and professional training. These requirements help to improve processing quality, efficiency, and product reliability, meeting the needs of electronic equipment manufacturers. The following are specific requirements for the working environment of SMT surface mount processing:

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1、 Temperature and humidity control
The SMT surface mount processing workshop needs to maintain a constant temperature and humidity. Excessive or insufficient temperature can lead to poor welding, component damage, or unstable equipment performance.
Generally speaking, the workshop temperature should be controlled between 20-26 degrees Celsius. In terms of humidity, excessive humidity may cause bubbles to form during welding, while low humidity may cause electrostatic problems. It is usually recommended to control humidity between 40% -60% RH.
2、 Dust control
SMT surface mount processing is extremely sensitive to dust, and the presence of dust can seriously affect welding quality and product performance. Therefore, the workshop must maintain extremely high cleanliness, usually requiring the standard of a dust-free workshop of 10000 or 100000 levels.
This needs to be achieved through a reasonable air purification system, regular cleaning, and strict dust-free operation standards for employees.


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3、 Electrostatic protection
Static electricity has potential destructive effects on electronic components during SMT surface mount processing. The workshop must take effective electrostatic protection measures, such as laying anti-static flooring, wearing anti-static clothing and wristbands, using anti-static packaging materials, etc., to ensure that products are not damaged by static electricity during the processing.
4、 Lighting and ventilation
Good lighting is an important factor in ensuring the accuracy of SMT processing. The workshop should provide sufficient and uniform lighting to ensure that employees can clearly see each component and welding point.
Meanwhile, a good ventilation system can maintain fresh air, help control temperature and humidity, and eliminate potentially harmful gases and dust.
5、 Equipment and environmental adaptability
SMT equipment must be able to adapt to the workshop environment, maintain stability and accuracy. Workshop managers need to regularly maintain and calibrate equipment to ensure its performance is in optimal condition.
In addition, the layout of the equipment should also be reasonable to reduce the distance of material handling and improve work efficiency.


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6、 Personnel training and operating standards
Employees need to undergo professional training and be proficient in the technical requirements and operating standards of SMT surface mount processing. The correct operating methods can not only improve work efficiency, but also effectively reduce product defect rates.
At the same time, employees need to comply with the cleanliness and anti-static regulations of the workshop to ensure the quality of the working environment.