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SMT point calculation quotation

In SMT chip placement processing, calculating the number of points and quoting is crucial, involving factors such as the quantity, type, board, and order quantity of components. Accurate accounting, rational design, long-term cooperation, and flexible adjustment of orders can optimize quotations, control costs, and improve procurement efficiency.

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1、 Basic concepts of point calculation
In SMT processing, the number of points usually refers to the number of components that need to be mounted. Every component, regardless of its size and complexity, is considered a point. The more points there are, the higher the difficulty and cost of processing.
2、 The relationship between points and quotation
Quotations are usually calculated based on points. The processing manufacturer will calculate the final quotation based on the installation cost of each point, multiplied by the total number of points, and other additional expenses (such as equipment depreciation, labor costs, management fees, etc.).
3、 Detailed steps for point calculation
Determine the number of components: Firstly, it is necessary to accurately count the number of components that need to be mounted on the PCB board. This is usually accomplished through professional PCB design software.
Classification points: The number of points for components is not fixed. Based on factors such as the size of the components and the difficulty of installation, manufacturers may assign different point weights to different types of components. For example, a large IC may be counted as multiple points, while a small resistor or capacitor may only be counted as half or one point.
Point count calculation: After determining the number of points for each component, perform a total count calculation. This step requires ensuring that each component is correctly counted and taking into account complex situations such as double-sided mounting.

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4、 Other factors that affect the quotation
In addition to the number of points, there are also some other factors that can affect the quotation of SMT surface mount processing:
Board type and size: Different types of PCB boards and their size can affect the difficulty and cost of processing.
Component types and complexity: Some special or high-precision components may require more precise mounting techniques, thereby increasing costs.
Order quantity: Mass production usually leads to more favorable unit prices, as manufacturers can achieve higher production efficiency.
Delivery time and expedited fees: If the customer needs to expedite the completion of the order, additional fees may need to be paid.
Quality requirements: Customers who have higher requirements for product quality may need to pay more for quality control and testing costs.

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5、 How to optimize SMT point calculation quotation
Accurate accounting: Ensure that the quantity and type of components are accurately counted to avoid unnecessary cost increases.
Reasonable design: In the design phase, the processing difficulty and cost of SMT are considered, and the processing complexity is reduced by arranging the components reasonably.
Long term cooperation: Establishing long-term cooperative relationships with processing manufacturers usually leads to more favorable quotations and better services.
Flexible order adjustment: Adjust the order quantity and delivery time flexibly according to the actual situation to reduce costs.

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