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Risks that PCBA needs to pay attention to and avoid

In PCBA chip placement processing, there are multiple risks in the circuit board process, including unreasonable design, poor material quality, insufficient processing accuracy, improper environmental control, and human operation errors. Manufacturers need to optimize design, material selection, process control, environmental management, and train operators to improve processing quality and stability.
1、 Design risk
Unreasonable layout: If the layout of the components on the circuit board is not reasonable, it may lead to signal interference, poor heat dissipation, and other problems. For example, if high-frequency circuits and low-frequency circuits are not properly separated, it may cause signal crosstalk.
Line design defects: Unreasonable design parameters such as line width and spacing may lead to problems such as current overload, short circuit, or open circuit. In addition, failure to consider electrical safety spacing may also lead to safety hazards.

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2、 Material risk
Quality issues with boards: The use of inferior boards may cause deformation, cracking, and other issues in harsh environments such as high temperature and humidity, thereby affecting the normal operation of the circuit board.
The quality of solder pads and welding materials: The quality of solder pads and the selection of welding materials directly affect the firmness of welding and the reliability of electrical connections. Low quality solder pads and welding materials may lead to quality issues such as virtual soldering and false soldering.
3、 Processing process risks
Insufficient drilling accuracy: Deviation in drilling position, inaccurate aperture, and other issues can lead to inaccurate installation of components or cause faults such as short circuits.
Improper control of welding process: Inaccurate control of welding temperature, time and other parameters may lead to poor welding, such as cold welding, overheating, etc., which in turn affects the stability and lifespan of the circuit board.

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4、 Environmental risks
Electrostatic discharge (ESD): If effective electrostatic protection measures are not taken during the processing, ESD may cause damage to the components on the circuit board.
Improper temperature and humidity control: The temperature and humidity of the processing environment have a significant impact on the performance and stability of the circuit board. Excessive or insufficient temperature and humidity can cause deformation, cracking, or decreased electrical performance of the circuit board.
5、 Human operation risk
Operational errors: Operators may make mistakes during the processing, such as pasting incorrect components or welding improperly, which can lead to substandard circuit board quality.

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Lack of experience and skills: The experience and skill level of operators directly affect the quality of circuit board processing. Operators who lack experience and skills may not be able to accurately identify and handle problems during the processing.
In order to reduce the above risks, processing manufacturers need to take a series of measures, including optimizing circuit board design, selecting high-quality materials, strictly controlling processing process parameters, providing a good processing environment, and strengthening training and management of operators.