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Advantages and disadvantages of the Multi-layer pcb boards

  • 2018-11-26 09:41:36

Before designing a printed circuit board, you need to decide whether you'll use a single-layer or multi-layer PCB. Usually the complex devices typically use multi-layer boards, while simpler ones can benefit from single-layer. This blog is going to explain the advantages and disadvantages of the multilayer boards.

As we all know, Multi-layer PCBs are made of three or more double-sided boards stacked on top of each other. Theoretically, they can contain as many boards as you can need, but this should be on the base of the capability of a factory. For Fast Turn PCB, we can make up to 36 layers for the rigid pcb prototype.

With the following advantages, multi-layer pcb stands ahead in the pcb industry:

1.Applied in more advanced devices

For the projects involves more circuits and components, multi-layer board ensures there is ample room for connections, making it ideal for more advanced devices with many different uses and advanced capabilities.

2.Increased Durability

The multi-layer boards can withstand in harsher conditions and often last longer than the single-sided boards do.

3.High Quality

When designing the multi-layer boards, it requires more special skills and advanced tool for it to meet its use in the advanced devices. Most of them will contain the impedance control and special techniques like backdrilling, laser drilling and so on for the fabrication. Thus, it also requires the higher standard for the monitoring equipment to ensure its quality.

4.Smaller and lighter weight

Multi-layer circuits adopted the high-tech to stack layers on top of each other to integrate the high layer and multi-functions into a tighter space. And this makes the circuits smaller and lighter. And nowadays, the IC technology is becoming more and more popular for the smaller and lighter board while containing more functions.

At the same time, the advantages comes with its disadvantages like the higher cost for both PCB layout and PCB manufacturing services, longer lead time, and the more complex repairs.

But don’t worry. Fast Turn PCB is an expert who is good at quick turn high end multilayer pcb manufacturing. We have the 3 work shifts to ensure the faster lead time. And our high tech and strict quality control system can ensure you a reliable pcb circuit and save your cost in return.

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