Pcb stacking

8 layer two stacked HDI three times laminations with ENIG PCB circuit  Board Manufacturer

HDI pcb Specifications:

Layer: 8-layers PCB(with Blind & Buried Micro-Vias:L1-2;L2-3;L1-3;L3-6;L6-8;L7-8 )
Material: FR4 TG170 Thickness: 1.6mm
Cooper thickness: 35μm Surface finish: ENIG
Soldermask/Legend Green/White IPC Standard IPC3
Unit Size: 118*25.3mm

Product detail:

* The reliable material we use:

We usually use IT 180A for TG 175 to replace the unreliable materials. For all regular FR4 boards, we just use Hi     TG material for manufacturing to ensure the quality and stability of the printed circuit boards.

For the HDI boards, we usually use fill copper to fill with vias holes.


* The surface finish of the board is ENIG. And the surface is smooth on the green solder mask with white legend.

* This is a 2+N+2 HDI board with the Min. line width and space being 5/5mil. We can upmost manufacture the 4+N+4 HDI boards with 3/3mil.

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