Low Cost Countersink Fast Printed Circuit Board

8 layers low cost round FR4 printed circuit board impedance control pcb prototype with countersink


Countersink Fast Printed Circuit Board specification:

Layer: 8 Material: FR4 IT180A TG175
Thickness: 0.062″ Min. Lind width: 5mil
Min.Hole size: 10mil Surface finish: Immersion gold+ Hard gold(selectable)
Copper thickness: 1 OZ Unit size: 11.0*12.823″
Impedance control: Yes IPC Standard: IPC2
Countersink: Yes Leading time: 7 working days

Product detail:

We usually use IT 180A for TG 175 to replace the unreliable materials for this multilayer boards.

The surface finish of the board is flesh gold+selective hard gold, with the electrical 0.05-0.1um gold, 1.27μm hard gold for socket area. Also the board has 27 countersink holes and 8 counterbore holes.

The board is a rough blue printed circuit board. We can also make it regular shape like rectangle, square as well as irregular shape according to your design. And for the color of the soldermask, we have blue, green, black, yellow, red, purple and matt green.

We use the VPC (Vertical Continuous Plating) to ensure that the plated surface is smooth and uniform.

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