Impedance Control PCB

6 layers special type Megtron 4 pcb board with gold fingers


Impedance Control PCB specification:

Layer: 6 Material: Megtron 4
Thickness: 1.6mm Copper thickness: 1 OZ
Surface finish: ENIG 1-2u”+ Gold Finger 20u”,The bottom card edge is beveled with gold fingers
Min.line width: 8 mil Min.line space: 6 mil
Impedance control: 85 ohm Solder mask: Green

Product detail:

*  This is a Special type Megtron 4 pcb circuit. Besides this material, we also have Rogers 4003 C , Rogers 4350 B, M6 as our in house material.

*  The surface finish is immersion gold 1-2U” with 20 U” gold fingers in the bottom card edge. We also provide HASL LF, Immersion silver , Immersion Tin , OSP, HARD GOLD, Soft Gold, ENEPIG.

* For the impedance, we will have the impedance testing machine to check whether there is 85 Ohm differential pair on the 8/6 mil trace on the top and bottom layers.


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