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HDI PCB Manufacturing high density interconnect

10 Layer Quad Stacked HDI Quad Lamination with ENIG Ultra Thick 3.2mm Board PCB Board Manufacturer.

Layer: 10-layers PCB(with Blind & Buried Micro-Vias: L1-L2、L1-L3、L1-L4、L1-L5、L1-L6、L1-L7、L1-L8、L1-L9)
Material: FR4 G170 Thickness : 3.2mm
Copper thickness: 35μm Surfacefinish : ENIG
Soldermask/Legend Green/White IPC Standard IPC2
Unit size: 203*178mm Filled vias: With resin

For quotation, please contact James:+86- 18011866680

Send you gerber file to Email: sales@fastturnpcbs.com

Some of our customers are as follows:

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