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FAST TURN PCB is a circuit maker specializing in PCB manufacturing and assembly, with excellent and quick turn PCB fabrication and circuit card assembly capabilities.


12L three stacked four times laminations HDI with ENIG  fine circuit PCB Board Manufacturer

Layer  12-layers PCB(with Blind & Buried Micro-Vias:L1-2;L2-3;L3-4;L4-L9;L9-10;L10-L11;L11-L12;L1-L12 )
Material: ISOLA 370HR Thickness: 1.2mm
Copper thickness: 35μm Surface finish: ENIG
Track Width&Gap: 2.5/2.5mil Soldermast/Legend Green/White
IPC standard: IPC2 Unit size: 95mm*55mm
Impedance control: Yes Filled vias: Non-Conductive Resin


HDI design configurations allow multi-track routing of high I/O, fine pitch devices 0.5 mm and below. Isola is an industry leader in resin system development and has designed several resin systems and construction sets that enable consistent, reliable production of HDI printed circuit board products. Our high performance products, such as 370HR, provide the thermally robust performance required for sequential lamination cycles of these complex structures. In addition, we utilize spread glass technology and incorporate square weave constructions whenever possible. These advanced glass technologies improve laser ablation consistency, critical feature registration, and dielectric thickness control. We offer our ultrathin glass fabrics for many of our high performance products.

ISOLA PCB high density interconnect Features

ISOLA PCB high density interconnect Overview

  • Multiple resin systems – High Tg, lead-free, high speed digital, RF, halogen-free
  • Hybrid capability
  • Wide range of RC% prepregs
  • Ultrathin glass styles  – 1027, 1035, 1078, 1067, 1086
  • Square weave and spread glass
  • Ultrathin glass reinforced laminate down to 0.04 mm or 1 mil

ISOLA PCB high density interconnect Typical Applications

  • Servers
  • Personal Electronics
  • Military and Aerospace
  • Layer Count Reduction
  • Sequential Lamination

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