PWB board

4 Mil Line Width Electronic Medical Device Pwb Board Pcb Circuit Design


PWB board Specifications:

Layer: 4 layer Material: FR4 TG170
Thickness:  0.093″ Min.line width: 4 mil
Min. Hole size: 10 mil Surface finish: ENIG
Copper thickness: 1 OZ Unit size: 4.535* 8.665″
Impedance: Yes Leading time; 10 working days

Product detail:

*  This is a green soldermask medical device with the 4/4 mil Min. line width and space .  For the rigid boards, we can make up to 36 layers for the prototyping and 28 layers for the production with the Min. line width and space being 3/2.5 mil.*  This is a impedance control board with its single impedance being 50 Ohm. For the impedance control boards, we will have a impedance testing and generate a report before they are shipped.*  The board thickness of the board is 0.093″. We can make upmost 7 mm.

*  For the surface finish, we provide not only ENIG but also many other regular surface finish like immersion Tin, HASL LF, OSP and so on.


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