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FAST TURN PCB is a circuit maker specializing in PCB manufacturing and assembly, with excellent and quick turn PCB fabrication and circuit card assembly capabilities.

Fast turn PCB

Multi layer Boards

Multilayer 4-50L

HDI- PCB Anylayer

5-7 days delivery

Rigid Flex PCB 

5days Delivery

BOM Procurement

100% original

PCB Assembly

Full Turn-Key PCB Assembly
2-4 days Delivery


FAST TURN PCB founded in 2015Y, We have one PCB factory and one PCB assembly factory ,have about 350 employees, We Focus on PCB & PCBA Turnkey solution, Good at small & medium-sized volume, quick turn delivery, we committed to Provide high reliability products to our customer .80% of our products are sold to Europe and America,20% are sold to Asia and domestic, widely used in medical,industrial control,Telecom communication and semiconductor etc.
PCB factory Good at multi-layer PCB (4-50 layers), HDI blind & buried board, High frequency material board, Rigid-flex board, certificated by ISO 9001, UL(E520899), Rohs & Reach. Every pcb board will do 100% inner and outer layer AOI, E-test, via hole wall test etc.
PCBA factory owns capability on BGA, QFN, 0201, 01005; has Quality control equipment like SPI system, AOI, first-piece inspection, X-Ray and so on.
Our Target is to provide “Reliable Quality, Quick Delivery, Professional Service and Fair Pricing”.

PCB Manufacturing,PCB Assembly, Circuit Maker-Fast Turn PCb

Are you looking for a high-quality and full-range PCB fabrication, PCB assembly, and components sourcing services? Then, Fast Turn PCB is here to provide your needs at affordable rates. Yes, you read it right! Our company has been in the industry for many years, guaranteeing the best products and services you will surely love!

Who We Are

A renowned manufacturer in China, Fast Turn PCB is a one stop shop that can provide everything your company needs as far as PCB products and services are concerned. Our company values our customers and thereby never fails to meet your standards and needs.

13 AOI machine

Our Advantage

4-10 layers Expedited 2-3 days delivery

HDI PCB Rush Service 5-7 Days

SMT Prototype Rush Service 1-3 Days

Component Purchase Insure parts is original

Difficuit board We have team Work for it

PCB Design 15 years layout 50+ design team

Multi-layers 4-10 layers Expedited 2-3 days delivery

HDI PCB rush service 5-7 Days

SMT prototype rush service 1-3 Days

Ensure that component procurement is original

Difficuit board we have specialized team work for it

PCB design 15 years layout 50+ design team

Quality Assurance

Customer Praise


Fast turn PCB

Welding Quality Standards in PCBA Processing

Welding is a crucial step in PCBA processing, and its quality standards mainly include the following aspects:Welding fullness、Solder Paste Quantity Control、Component misalignment、Floating phenomenon、Tin bead management。

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Fast turn PCB

How important is a standardized BOM in PCBA

The BOM table refers to the bill of materials. Before PCBA processing, customers are required to provide the latest BOM table, which includes all electronic components and other materials required for the production of this product

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