Fast Turn PCB have over 15 years experience of Advanced PCB manufacturing , From raw material QA inspect ,Engineering DFM to finish board FQC ,we have a strict control flow . We focus on multilayer 2-3 days, HDI board 5-7 days , and have very aggressive price and lead time on mass production order .Factory set up expedite team and R&D team .offer best support for expedite job and difficult jobs.


The FastTurnPCB Advantage

1, Multilayer pcb (4-50L), 4-10L prototype 2 days turn around, Medium batch Urgent service 5-7 days.
2, HDI PCB urgent service 5-6 days. HDI Interconnector any layer, Up to 5-N-5.
3, Rigid flex pcb urgent service 5-7 days. We also can make rigid flex pcb with blind and buried vias.
4, Quality advantage, qualified rate up to 99.5%, no short-circuit complaint.
5, On time delivery, our delivery time is relatively flexible, especially for urgent orders from samples to medium batches, and the punctuality rate of urgent order reaches 99%.
6, Service advantages: fast quotation within 2 hours, good service attitude, fast delivery speed, Offering free stacking and free impedance calculation.
7, For Conductive resin filled and electroplating hole filling, we can not only do it but also have a price advantage.
8, Strong process capability, capable of back drilling, thick copper (the thickest can be 14OZ), hard gold (the thickest can be 100U”), step hole and other difficult processes.
9, Material advantages: Megtron 6, Rogers4000 series, Rogers 3003, FR408HR, RT5880, TU872, PTFE and other materials are stocked, and it can be used as a mixed pcb board.
10, Long size pcb: rigid pcb can be 1.2 meters long, FPC can be 4 meters long.

PCB manufacturing show case

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Special Services We Offer

√ Free DFM Check
√ Free Tips on Reducing PCB Production Cost
√ Free PCB Panelization Service
√ Free Electrical test (including Flying Probe Test)
√ Custom Layer Stackup
√ Expedited PCB Production Service
√ Excellent Customer Service to Meet Your Special Needs.

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