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Are you looking for a high-quality and full-range PCB fabrication, assembly, and components sourcing services? Then, worry no more than Fast Turn PCB is here to provide your needs at affordable rates. Yes, you read it right! Our company has been in the industry for more than 14 years, guaranteeing the best products and services you will surely love!

Who We Are

A renowned manufacturer in China, Fast Turn PCB is a one-stop-shop that can provide everything your company needs as far as PCB products and services are concerned. Our company values our customers and thereby never fails to meet your standards and needs.

At Fast Turn PCB, we provide you with an excellent turn-key PCBA solution. Our quality systems help in building your assemblies to satisfy your company’s needs.  We are also committed to personalizing services to become more responsive to our dear clientele.

From rolling new products into production, we are proven effective and perfect to be your ultimate business partners. It is our task to ensure a fully staffed engineering unit proactively works with you, giving a repeatable and robust design.

Our company is specialized in prototyping services. We also enable the fastest turnaround to meet your latest product’s PCBA needs. At Fast Turn PCB, expect that you will get what you desire!

Fast Turn Chip has 15 years of BOM matching experience in terminal plant, Fast lead time; BOM can be purchased through two-way channels at home and abroad.
Needs change, efforts remain the same, we will provide you with the best support at our price, quality and service.

What We Offer

Fast Turn PCB offers countless products and services suitable for your business, and these include the following:

  • Manufacturing & Testing — At Fast Turn PCB, we always consider the quality of our designs. We first run a DFX analysis for its testability and manufacturability. Our team never fails to get in touch with you to resolve any possible manufacturing and design issues.
  • Design and Engineering — We always support a number of distinct PCB layout devices, including Altium, PADs, and Allegro. Our team can make design improvements or do the entire layout of your designs.
  • Prototyping — Do you have an urgent proof-of-concept or NPI design? Then, our company can help you with that. We have a professional team that specializes in prototype builds. With the use of our fast-tracked production scheme, we can easily focus on a quick turnaround to complete your designs.
  • Advanced PBC — Our company adapts to the new technologies in the market. With our continuous improvement of technological equipment and strategies, we easily and sustainably produce PCBs at affordable rates.
  • Wire Harness and Cable Assembly — At Fast Turn PCB, we understand electronic production. Our team knows that how that interconnect will be utilized and to construct it for its specific purpose.

As one of the best custom PCB manufacturing companies, we also offer both standard and custom Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs), PCB File Check, PCB Special Pricing Options, and many more!

What Makes Us Different from Other Companies?

Fast Turn PCBs can make a huge difference in your company. Here are the top reasons why you shouldn’t miss dealing with us:

  • Full-Service PCB Assembly and Fabrication Services — At Fast Turn PCBs, you are in good hands. With our years in the industry, we guarantee that you will get a full range of services, from circuit board manufacturing, PCB assembly, and rapid PCB prototyping to components sourcing services at affordable costs.
  • Certified Quality Standards — Our offered products and services are proven with quality standards. WE make it our top priority in each phase of our operation, including PCB assembly, development, and manufacturing.
  • Excellent Customer Service — We treasure the time of our customers, and therefore, we always provide fast and effective customer service to answer their immediate concerns. You can contact us through emails, phones, or social media platforms.
  •  Competitive Price — Our offered products and services are cost-effective, and we also provide no minimum order.  With us, you can also get a free DFM check from our professional engineers.

Finding the best company that offers quality products and services is not an easy task. But, if you are familiar with their company history, it is easy for you to pick an effective one. At Fast Turn PCBs, you will have a chance to witness quality PCB fabrication, assembly, and components sourcing services without spending too much cost. What are you waiting for? Contact our team and witness how we meet your needs now!