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Quality is the life of a product, as well as the life of a enterprise. Fast Turn PCB has a thorough certified quality management system and certified environmental system. Also we are UL and ISO 9001 certificated factory. 

For all the outgoing  boards, they will go through a series of strict tests before shipment. Before manufacturing, our certified facilities control key processes will eliminate all potential issues and the advanced software will perform extensive DFM analysis on incoming data.  And the advanced quality control systems will monitor the whole manufacturing process;

Fast Turn PCB performs the a series of  tests including:

Ø 100% Inspection by E-test and AOI;
Ø Impedance Measuring;
Ø Micro-section test;
Ø High voltage test and reliability test;
Ø Thermal shocking test and insulating resistance test;
Ø Ionic contamination test;
Ø Soldering capability test;

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