Quality Policy

Through continuous improvement, continuously improve the quality and service level;

Established and maintained the “FASTTURN” brand to meet customer expectations.

PCB Quality Control

Quality system

The quality management system and product quality have passed ISO9000, 14000 environmental certification, corporate credit rating certification, ROHS certification, REACH and other certifications.

(1) 100% IQC check for all material incoming
(2) Factory used ERP system to control lead time and quality , drawing will come with lot card on online board.
(3) After CAM engineer DFM , engineering QA team will inspect the gerber files before release .
(4) All Inner layer use LDI build it , will do 100% AOI , and use plastic sheet between core to avoid scratch .
(5) After lamination board we will do X-ray to avoid rigistration ,also do cross section to test board thickness and dielectric thickness .
(6) On drill hole process , we use hole film to compare the board to avoid hole missing , too big or too small .
(7) On Plating hole process , we would do cross section to make sure hole wall copper thickness .
(8) For outer layer circuit , we do 100% AOI checking . for HDI board ,we would test board before solder mask .
(9) On solder mask process , we have inspect the board solder mask 100% .
(10) 100% to testing finished board , if there is impedance control , we will do impedance control.
(11) Every board will do 100% FQC by worker or inspect machine .
(12) For production board , we would do first article board first at each process .