Fast Turn PCB undertakes SMT patch and DIP plug-in processing, including prototype, small batch trial production, and mass production of products. Fast Turn PCB has developed different production processes according to different customers and products, which are fast and efficient, flexible in response and fast in delivery.

Fast Turn PCB  has five fully automatic medium and high-speed SMT patch production lines and three DIP plug-in production lines. The daily production capacity of patching has reached 5 million points, and the daily production capacity of plug-ins has reached 1 million points. The company implements the ROSH system, which can undertake lead-free (EU requirements) circuit board soldering, and can undertake the placement of various high-precision components, such as 0.3MM-BGA chips, 0201 resistance-capacitance parts, etc., and can undertake high-precision FPC Patches for flexible circuit boards.

Fast Turn PCB company conducts internal quality control in strict accordance with ISO requirements. The company is equipped with nearly 20 professional quality management and inspection personnel, more than 10% of the total number. The company is equipped with more than 40 sets of advanced testing equipment, such as AOI optical detectors, electrostatic testers, and transistor graphers, which can effectively control the production process. Hidden quality problems in all aspects.

PCB assembly company sets up quality control points after some key processes in order to discover and correct quality problems in the previous process in time to prevent unqualified products from entering the next process. Each quality control point has formulated corresponding inspection standards, which include inspection objectives and inspection content. Quality inspectors carry out their work in strict accordance with the inspection standards. In order to carry out effective quality management, in addition to strictly controlling the production quality process, we also adopt the following management measures:

1. After the components or parts processed by outsourcing are purchased into the factory, they need to undergo random inspection (or full inspection) by the inspector before entering the warehouse. If the pass rate is found to be less than the national standard, the goods will be returned, and the inspection results will be recorded in writing.

2. The quality management department formulates related quality rules and regulations and the department’s work responsibility system. Constrain people through regulations.

3. Establish a comprehensive quality network within the enterprise to provide timely and accurate feedback on quality information. Choose the best quality inspector for the production line, and the administration is still under the management of the quality department, so as to avoid interference from other factors to the quality judgment work.

4. Ensure the accuracy of inspection and maintenance equipment. Product inspection and maintenance are carried out through necessary equipment and instruments. Therefore, the quality of the instrument itself will directly affect the production quality. We send inspection and measurement in time according to regulations to ensure the reliability of the instrument.

5. In order to enhance the quality awareness of each employee, we have set up quality publicity boards around the production site to regularly announce the causes and treatment methods of some quality accidents to prevent the recurrence of such problems. The quality management department plots the daily production quality defect statistics on the quality coordinate chart, so that everyone can know the production quality of the day in time, so as to take corresponding improvement measures.

6. A quality analysis meeting is held every week. The meeting was prepared by the head of the quality management department and chaired by the head of the company. The content of the meeting: put forward the quality problems that occurred in the last week, discuss and determine the countermeasures to solve the problems, and propose the person or department responsible for solving the problems.

We know that to improve the quality of circuit board welding processing, it is not enough for the quality department to make all-out efforts. All employees must improve quality awareness. We propose to implement lean quality management methods in the company, and work hard in the aspects of employee professionalization, production systematization, process standardization, fine measurement, and continuous improvement.