80% of our board are multilayer pcb, we know multilayer pcb need very good registration , hole wall copper thickness requirement .we purchased LDI machine to ensure circuit layer fine line , vacuum etching line can do 2/2mil trace . factory can do up to 50 layers , production can be 2-30 layers , prototype can be 50 layers . multilayer pcb can be 2-3 days delivery . OTD over 95% of expedite jobs .

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What Is a Multilayer PCB?

The definition of multilayer PCB is a PCB that is made with three or more conductive copper foil layers. These appear as several layers of double-sided circuit boards, laminated and glued together with layers of heat-protective insulation between them. The entire construction is arranged so that two layers are placed on the surface sides of the PCB to connect to the environment. All electrical connections between the layers are achieved with vias such as plating through holes, blind and buried vias. Application of this method then leads to the generation of highly complex PCBs of varying sizes.

Advantages of Multilayer PCB

• Smaller size
• Lower weight
• Higher speed of signal transmission
• Constantly low impedance
• Better shielding effect
• Higher assembly density

Multilayer PCBs can be served in so many industries including consumer electronics, medical care, aerospace, telecommunications, military, automotive, wearables, IoT etc. based on its benefits. FastTurnPCB has been striving to provide high-quality multilayer PCBs for customers with full concerns in terms of design, cost and lead time.

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