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Industrial robots in the PCB industry


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Industrial robots in the PCB industry

  • 2019-03-09

The PCB industry is a technology-intensive and capital-intensive industry, but it is still a labor-intensive industry. A large number of automation equipment requires manual operation and assembly line operations. With the improvement of robot performance and price reduction, "automation equipment + the industrial robot operation "replaces the traditional "automation equipment + manual operation" production mode will become the transformation trend of the PCB industry. Industrial robots for industrial pcb boards have become an inevitable trend.

Industrial robots in the PCB industry

There are currently three mainstream industrial robots, including: SCARA (four-axis parallel joint robot), DELTA (parallel robot), and six-axis articulated robot (including multi-joint robots with six or more axes and derived dual-arm robots).

The following examples illustrate three representative applications of robots:

1. Six-axis multi-joint robot for AOI inspection process

We use a six-axis multi-joint robot to replace the workers responsible for the boarding, turning and closing of the two AOI machines. Each shift can complete more than 700 PCB rigid boards, and the overall efficiency can reach 1/min. This includes the AOI machine scan time).

2,SCARA robot is used for circuit board coil detection process

We can use the SCARA robot to complete the loading and unloading of the matching inspection equipment, and realize the one-time detection of all the coils of the large-aperture board. For the small-aperture board, we use the SCARA equipment to perform the fixed probe and visually locate. With the probe to detect each coil, our equipment also effectively avoids the missed detection due to small aperture or large aperture.

3. DELTA robot for small circuit board cartoning process

The Delta800 plus a vision system can pick out the qualified FPC stack and place it in the blister tray as required, which is no less effective than manual. His speed can reach 60 pieces/min, which can completely replace the manual sorting.

In the near future, Fast Turn PCB will introduce these industrial robots to enhance our productivity and efficiency.
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