Industry development background – circuit board development

  • Circuit board (PCB)

It is the basic material of electronic information industry (mechanical support, high density interconnection and heat dissipation of buried copper block, etc.).

Disadvantages: resin substrate (insufficient heat dissipation).

  • Metal circuit board (PCB)

To a certain extent, the cooling requirements are solved, but the cooling effect is far from expected. With the increase of chip power and package integration, thermal conductivity/heat resistance of circuit board becomes the bottleneck of technology development.

Disadvantages: Metal substrate (thermoelectric non-separation)

  • Ceramic substrates

Meet the application requirements of new technologies. Application: From LED lighting –UV light —- Power devices — High temperature devices (Aviation/aerospace) — 3D packaging (high power density).

Advantages: excellent thermal conductivity/heat resistance/insulation performance, small thermal expansion coefficient, corrosion resistance, etc.

Advantages of FAST TURN PCB ceramic substrate

Development history of ceramic substrate

Development history of ceramic substrate technology.

DPC (Direct Plating Ceramic) copper Plating Ceramic substrate

THE DPC is successfully developed

FAST TURN PCB is the first company in China to develop a high-precision, vertically interconnected, low-cost, true ceramic circuit board (DPC), leading the ceramic substrate industry in product technology and market share.

Product core technology -DPC ceramic substrate

Core technology 1: improve the metal-ceramic bonding strength

Proprietary technology: optimize the structure and process of metal film system, improve the bonding strength, customize equipment + proprietary process (know-how), prevent bubbling, delamination and so on.

Core technology 2: ceramic plating hole filling

Technical difficulties: through hole, small diameter (50-120um), no defects;

Invention patent: new electroplating hole filling technology;

Technical advantages: high production efficiency, strong versatility of the process, etc.

Core Technology 3:3d Ceramic Substrate (for airtight packaging)

  • Electroplated metal dam 3d ceramic substrate, DPC substrate + electroplated thickened dam (500-1200um);
  • High thermal conductivity, high graphics accuracy;
  • Solve the problem of easy warping of the substrate (thick copper layer, high stress);
  • Effectively solve the problem of uniformity, improve the production efficiency.

A true portrayal of factory equipment

Main application areas of the products