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High speed reliable multilayer BGA CAD pcb layout design services


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High speed reliable multilayer BGA CAD pcb layout design services

20 layer High Speed Multilayer PCB with BGA layout Design services

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    Fast Turn PCB
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High speed reliable multilayer BGA CAD pcb layout design services 

High speed PCB layout   |   Multilayer pcb layout   |    BGA layout service   |  CAD pcb design service

This is a 20 layers high speed pcb layout design with its 10G highest signal rate. This is a regular projects we can do. For the signal rate, we can design the 28 G signal rate at the best. And for the rigid pcb layout design, we can layout 48 layer boards. There are 27 BGAs in the board with 17522 PINs. For such a complex board, we finish the CAD layout in 13 days as a regular project. And we also provide quick turn layout service for your urgent projects. 

Usually, for such an important boards, we will have a highly class A confidential NDA with our customers in order to keep the design in a secret state.  So you have no need to worry about the design secret. 

Once you send us the schematic, we will start our work at the same time keep close contact with you about the design. All the design job is under your close inspection and guidance. Everything is under the control.

Layout Parameters:

Project Field: Image Processing
View: All layers with circuit

Other parameters:
Layer count: 20 layers
Number of PINs: 17522
The highest signal rate: 10G
Design cycle: 13 days
Number of BGA :27
Features: High Layer

Our advantages:

* EDA Tools We Use
  Cadence Allegro
  Mentor PADS
  Altium Designer
  Eagle PCB

Senior Engineers:
   Average working experience : 8years+
   Good understanding of latest hardware technology
   Good spoken and written English,
   Communicate daily with customer on designs.
   Work in shifts to meet tight schedule if needed.

* Quick Delivery:
   Ues customised scripts to speed up the design.
   Average 500pin/day
   90%+ ontime delivery

* Cost-effective
  We offer different pricing method according to you needs , you just choose the lowest.

* NDA guranteed

  All the layout projects will be kept in secret. We have a NDA and a system to keep you information safe. So that you have no need worry about reveal of your design 

Layout Services Include:

*  Providing expertise for the physical layout of your completed schematic design. Working from a CAD tool design file, or a netlist is strongly preferred.
Performing the physical layout of your design in PCB123®, our free-to-use, fully-functional PCB design tool.
*  During manufacture, you can add any of Fast Turn's services or capabilities (electrical test, assembly via Screaming Circuits, etc.).
*  Delivering to you the design file along with your finished PC boards.

Please Note: This service DOES NOT INCLUDE developing schematics for your design or specifying parts for your Bill of Materials. The schematic design and parts specification portions of the design process rely upon a deep understanding of the design constraints for the PCB prototype project.

Main Products Application

 * Household Appliances

 * Medical Devices

 * Automotive Products

 * Industrial Products

 * Communication Products(AVL/GPS/GSM Devices)

 * Consumer Electronics

Manufacturing Products Process

Manufacturing Certification:

Our Customers:

We have been established a long-term partnership with many famous enterprises. The followings are our faithful partners: 

Delivery Cycle

Fast Turn PCB has been dedicated to quick turn pcb prototypes for more than 10 years. It can manufacture pcb boards with a fast turn time. For the singled-side or doubled-sided pcb board, we can make it within 24 hours. And for the 6-12 layer board, the fastest time can be 72 hours. And the OTD is up to 98% for the quick turn prototypes. 

Fast Turn PCB is sure to provide you a high efficient layout service with your cost  saved! 

A free consultation

Email us with any questions or inquiries or use our contact data. We would be happy to answer your questions.

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