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Heavy copper HF halogen free FR4 PCB board fabrication


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Heavy copper HF halogen free FR4 PCB board fabrication

FR4 S1165 HF Halogen Free Quick Turn PCB Prototype Fabrication 

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    Fast Turn PCB
Product Detail

Heavy copper HF halogen free FR4 PCB board fabrication

  IPC 6012 CLASS 2  |   ISO 9001:2015   |   UL certificated  |   HF Halogen free board   |   Heavy copper PCB   

Sometimes, our customers will have a special requirement for the material like Rogers, Megtron, Halogen free material, high frequent and high speed material for their special design. For this 4 layer 50 singled impedance control board, it requires the Halogen free(HF) material S1165 to meet the environment protection purpose especial in the Europe countries. We might not always have the stock material in house. But we have established a good relation with the special raw material supplier and can buy it for you. Also all the boards will be 100 % E-test after all the fabrication process are finished. For all your halogen free pcb prototype, all you need is to send us the file and we will present you with the board you need. 

Fast Turn PCB has much experience in the special type pcb board fabrication. Not just for the HF material or the 2 oz heavy copper, Fast Turn PCB can give you more support. Just contact with us. We are also there for you.


Quick turn printed circuit board Specifications:

Layer count:4
Material:FR4 HF S1165
Min. line width:4.0mil
Min. Hole Size:10mil
Surface Finish:ENIG
copper Thickness:2OZ
board size:219.46MM*119.22MM   

blue soldermask and white legend
impedance control:Yes
Leadtime:3working days

Product Details:

The reliable material we use:

   We use FR4 S1165 for the HF material for the special requirement for the environment. 

*  This is quick turn prototype boards for by using 3 working days for the 2 oz heavy copper material .

More Detail:

Main Application:

Products Process

Company Policies:

Customer Privacy Policy

A1. All information gathered from our dealings with fabrication orders are used strictly for our reference and would not be passed on to any third party.

A2. In the case where passing information is necessary to facilitate sub-contracting jobs to relevant party, we will inform our customer of such action.

Panelizing & Merging Policy

B1. For prototype Service, single design panelization and multiple designs panelization are both acceptable for Prototype Service.

B2. For production run, additional designs may be merged for additional cost for the special design correspondingly according to the design. We will give you advice before going to the fabrication.

Non-Disclosure Policy

C1. All engineering data passed on to us would be treated as confidential information and would protected as such. 

C2. In the case where passing information is necessary to facilitate sub-contracting jobs, we would request for advice prior to doing so. 

Return & Rework Policy

D1, All PCB made and sold are returnable for a refund if there is some problem caused by Fast Turn PCB.

D2. We accept request for remake/rework or replace for:

1. PCB which is not built according to the given CAD or CAM files.

2. Jobs with with high level of fabrication defect.

3. Quantity received is not the quantity promised.

4. Quality issues.

Manufacturing Lead time Policy

E1. For the quick turn project, all orders accepted are counted by hours. Accept that, all the orders received in the afternoon at the local time, the lead time counts from the next day. 
E2. Orders accepted during holidays and weekend will be processed the next work day.

Our Customers:

We have been established a long-term partnership with many famous enterprises. The followings are our faithful partners: 

Delivery Cycle

Fast Turn PCB has been dedicated to quick turn pcb prototypes for more than 10 years. It can manufacture pcb boards with a fast turn time. For the singled-side or doubled-sided pcb board, we can make it within 24 hours. And for the 6-12 layer board, the fastest time can be 72 hours. And the OTD is up to 98% for the quick turn prototypes. 

Get reliable Quick turn PCB Manufacturing in China. Fast Turn PCB is your best quick turn printed circuit board manufacturer.

A free consultation

Email us with any questions or inquiries or use our contact data. We would be happy to answer your questions.

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