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Q1. What certificates do you have? 

Q2. What is needed for quotation?
You need to provide the Quantity, Gerber file and Technic requirements (eg: material,surface finish treatment, copper thickness, board thickness ,and so on)

Q3. How fast can you do for the prototype?
24 hours for 2 layer board, 48 hours for the 4 layer board, and 72 hours for the 6, 8,10 layer board. 

Q4. Does Fast Turn have MOQ? 
There is no MOQ in Fast Turn. We are able to handle Small as well as large volume production with flexibility.

Q5. How do you ship the boards? What carrier do you use?
We usually use FedEx , UPS, DHL, but also can use other carrier if customers have special requirement.

Q6. Are my files safe?
Of course. We have a policy for the security measures. You are file are protected and completely safe. All documents have never and will never share with any third party.

Q7. What is your guarantee? What if I am not satisfied with boards I receive?
We will review the board first. If it is our fault casing the dissatisfaction, we can rework the board or refund to you.

Q8. I am new to PCB prototypeing, how can Fast Turn help?

First of all , our engineer can support you to do the stack up and free DFM. Any questions about tenical question , please send to 

Q9. What if my PCB prototype design does not meet the specs of the boards you offer online? How can i get a custom quote for such prototype?

We can do highly sophisticated PCBs up to 38 layers with blind/buried vias, laser drill , complex routes, quick turns etc. However these complex boards may not be offered for online ordering. If you find that our online special offers do not meet your needs, please send your gerber files to

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