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Custom telecommunication fine line PI flexible printed circuit boards


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Custom telecommunication fine line PI flexible printed circuit boards

4 layer Fine Line polyimide Rohs Flex Circuit Boards Prototyping

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Product Detail

Custom telecommunication fine line PI flexible printed circuit boards  

IPC 6012 CLASS 3  |   ISO 9001:2015   |   UL certificated  |   Telecommunication polyimde pcb   |  Flexible pcb

For the telecommunication flexible boards, we apply the IPC 6012 Class 2, Class 3 standard or IPC-A-600G Class 2 standard for the fabrication. With the 4 mil Min. line width in the 1 oz outer layer as a fine line flexible circuit board, we apply the high technology to avoid the short and open and also a severe checking system to double check the quality of the boards. In order to meet the 4 mil holes, we apply laser drilling. This is a regular FPC project for us. We have rich experience in the regular flex boards design. What is more, we have also made many multilayer flexible PCBs for different appliances.

So far, Fast Turn PCB has established good cooperation with many well-known enterprises in domestic and abroad, including AMD, NXP and Texas Instrument.

Main PCB Board Specifications:

Layer count: 4
Material: Polyimide
Thickness: 0.025"
Min. line width: 4 mil
Min. Hole Size: 4 mil
Surface Finish: ENIG
copper Thickness: 1OZ
Leadtime: 9 working days

Product detail:

 This is a regular 4 layer flex circuit used in telecommunication appliance.  We use the polyimide material for the DuPont, Panasonic, Taiflex to ensure the high quality raw material. They are our regular materials.

*  The surface finish is immersion gold. Besides the regular surface finish, we also provide selective surface finishing such as  ENIG+GOLD Finger, Silver ink+Plating gold, Silver ink+ENIG in order to meet your special requirement for the solderability. 

*  It is fine line flexible circuit board with a  4/4 mil Min trace width and space in the 1OZ outer layer finished copper. 

Custom Service:

* Engineering Support:

PCB file will be checked by our PCB engineer before manufacturing to avoid any pre-process mistake.

* Customers Service:

Every feedback to our service department will be dealt with in time.

And we can also provide some reasonable suggestions with the pcb files to enhance the competitiveness of product in the markets.


* Full Tracking:

Systematic order process, could check the production status of the entire purchase order. And our we will send you the WIP third times a week for the regular prototype and daily WIP for the quick turn order.

* Standard Packing and On time Delivery

 All the outgoing boards will be packaged in the vaccum ESD bay and carton . They are well protected. You can choose whatever delivery service such as Fedex, DHL, UPS or TNT at your convenience.

Main Products Application

 * Household Appliances

 * Medical Devices

 * Automotive Products

 * Industrial Products

 * Communication Products(AVL/GPS/GSM Devices)

 * Consumer Electronics

Products Process

Manufacturing Certification:

Our Customers:

We have been established a long-term partnership with many famous enterprises. The followings are our faithful partners: 

Delivery Cycle

Fast Turn PCB has been dedicated to quick turn pcb prototypes for more than 10 years. It can manufacture pcb boards with a fast turn time. For the singled-side or doubled-sided pcb board, we can make it within 24 hours. And for the 6-12 layer board, the fastest time can be 72 hours. And the OTD is up to 98% for the quick turn prototypes. 

Get reliable Quick turn PCB Manufacturing in China. Fast Turn PCB is your best quick turn printed circuit board manufacturer.

A free consultation

Email us with any questions or inquiries or use our contact data. We would be happy to answer your questions.

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