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Why we choose multi-layer design in high-speed PCB boards?

  • 2019-04-22 11:48:41

As we all know, multilayer pcb boards are recommended for high speed PCB boards. But why is that? This blog tells you the reasons. Firstly, the multi-layer board distributes the inner layer exclusively for power and ground. Therefore, It has the following advantages:

·The power supply is very stable;

·The circuit impedance is greatly reduced;

·The wiring length is greatly shortened.

multilayer pcb board fabrication

In addition, from the perspective of cost based on the same area, the cost of the multilayer circuit board is higher than that of the single-layer circuit board. But if we take other factors such as miniaturization of the circuit board and convenience of noise reduction into consideration, the cost difference between multilayer circuit board and a single layer board are not as high as what we expected. According to the data we know, the feedback concludes that the same circuit is designed. If the area of the four-layer board can be reduced to 1/2 of the two-layer board, the cost is the same as that of the two-layer board. Although batch multi-layer will affect the unit cost of the board, but there is no 4 times price difference. If there is more than 4 times the price difference, you can reduce the cost to 1 /4 of the double-layer board as long as you can try to reduce the board area. This is why high-speed boards require multi-layer boards.

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