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The differences between PCB and IC(integrated circuit)

  • 2019-04-11 14:55:40

This blog is going to introduce the differences between PCBs and IC(integrated circuits)

Firstly, we have to know the characteristics of the both types.

*The Characteristics of PCB boards

1. High density.

2. High reliability.

3. Designability.

4. Productivity.

5. Testability.

6. Assembleability.

7. Maintainability.

*The characteristics of the integrated circuits

The integrated circuit has the advantages of small size, light weight, less lead wires and solder points, long life, high reliability, good performance and low inexpensive cost. It is convenient for mass production. It can be widely used in industrial and civil electronic equipment such as tape recorders, televisions, computers, etc. Also it can be used in military, communication, remote control and other daily aspects. To use integrated circuits to assemble electronic devices,compared to transistors, It has an assembly density that can be increased by several tens to several thousand times and the stable operating time of the device can be greatly improved.

*The difference between PCB and integrated circuit

An integrated circuit generally refers to the integration of a chip, such as a north bridge chip on a motherboard. In the CPU, it is called an integrated circuit, and the original name is also called an integrated block. The printed circuit refers to the circuit board we usually see, and the solder chip is printed on the circuit board.

The integrated circuit (IC) is soldered on the PCB; the PCB version is the carrier of the integrated circuit (IC). The PCB board is a printed circuit board (PCB). Printed circuit boards be in almost every electronic device. If there are electronic parts in a certain device, the printed circuit boards are mounted on PCBs of various sizes. In addition to fixing various small parts, the main function of the printed circuit board is to make electrical interconnections between the various parts above.

General speaking, an integrated circuit integrates a general-purpose circuit into a single chip. It is a whole. Once it is damaged inside, the chip is damaged. The PCB can solder the components by itself. If it is broken, the components can be replaced.

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