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The advantages of multilayer PCBs

  • 2019-01-25 10:53:23

Nowadays, multilayer PCBs are becoming an essential part of modern technology and they are highly useful in a variety of applications, particularly mobile devices and high functioning electronics. This is primarily due to the host of advantages they offer, particularly in comparison to single and double-layer varieties. Let’s summarize what advantages they offer.

multilayer PCB manufacturing

There are many advantages multilayer PCBs have, including:

* Small Size and lighter weight: This is the most obvious advantage of using multilayer PCBs lies in their size. Multilayer PCBs have a higher layered design, and it is inherently smaller than other PCBs with similar functionality. For this advantage, it benefit a lot to the modern electronics which requires more powerful gadgets and functions while keeping the boards smaller. Thus, the smaller size cause the lighter weight. This is why multilayer pcbs ate widely used in the modern devices like smartphones, laptops, tablets and wearables.

* More Functional: Multilayer PCBs are extremely high-density assemblies, incorporating multiple layers into a single PCB. That is to say, with the same size, multilayer pcbs can maintain more functions and meet specific design compared with the single and double layer boards. The high density enables boards to be more connective through layering. And the increased density allows greater functionality, improving capacity and speed despite the smaller PCB size.

* High quality and Increased Durability: Multilayer boards  have a strict requirement about the materials as well as the technology to maintain its functions. They also tend to be more reliable as a result. Also they tend to be durable by their nature. Not only do these multilayer PCBs have to withstand their own weight, but they must also be able to handle the heat and pressure used to bind them together. On top of these factors, multilayer PCBs use multiple layers of insulation between circuit layers, binding it all together with prepreg bonding agent and protective materials.

People prefer multi-function gadgets and smart devices that integrate with the rest of their lives. That is why multilayer pcbs become more and more popular in the new era and the boards are expended to Computer Electronics, Telecommunications devices, Industrial , Medical Devices and Automotive.

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