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Rigid-flex PCBs

  • 2018-11-26 09:08:39

Rigid-flex boards consist of multiple layers of flexible PCBs attached to a number of rigid PCB layers.

multiple layer rigid-flex boards

As it’s name shows, it has the advantages of coming the function of the rigid boards and flex boards. To be accurate, rigid-flex PCBs have better advantages over just the rigid or flex boards.

For one, rigid-flex boards have  lower parts count than traditional rigid or flexible boards because the wiring options for both can be combined into a single board. The combination of rigid and flexible boards into a single rigid-flex board also allow for a more streamlined design, reducing the overall board size and package weight. Besides, using flex-rigid PCBs rather than traditional PCBs and discrete connection can reduce the assembly time of the final product and ultimately lead to a more reliable product. The growth of the use of rigid-flex solutions in recent years is a testament to the utility provided by rigid-flex solutions.

The rigid-flex PCBs made by Fast Turn PCB are manufactured for various applications in the medical, military, aerospace, and portable devices industries like Cell phones, Digital cameras, Pacemakers and Automobiles, which have a strict limitation about space or weight as the prime concerns.

So what type of rigid-flex printed circuit board FAST TURN provide?

1. Single sided flexible material with or without shield(s) or stiffener (one conductive layer).

2. Double sided flexible material with or without shield(s) or stiffener (two conductor layers)

3. Multilayer flexible up to 18 layer by using material with or without shield or stiffener with plated through holes and HDI.

4. Multilayer rigid and flexible material combinations (more than two conductor layers) with plated through holes and HDI.

Click here to know more about our rigid-flex samples. 

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