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Pcb manufacturing process

Process and equipment needed for PCB production

  • 2019-08-02 14:24:57

The production of circuit boards is a relatively complicated process. In each production process ,It basically requires corresponding equipment for processing, which need to put a lot of energy and cost. This blog is going to introduce you the the process and equipment needed for PCB production.

During the PCB manufacturing process, the following production equipment is needed:

1. Engineering production---photoplotter, film exposure machine

2, Cutting material --- cutting machine, baking oven

3, Lamination - browning production line, laminating machine, grinding machine

4, Drilling - CNC drilling machine

5, Grinding plate---grinding machine

6, Metallized holes (PTH) - chemical copper production line (sink copper line)

7, Graphics transfer - sticking film machine, UV exposure machine or LDI

8, Graphic plating - electroplating production line

9, Faded (wet) film - fade film production line

10, Graphic etching ---- etching production line

11, Solder mask production --- screen printing machine, UV exposure machine or LDI

12, Baking solidification - oven, tunnel furnace

13.Surface treatment---OSP production line or chemical nickel gold wire, chemical nickel-palladium gold wire

14. Forming---punching machine or CNC boring machine, cutting machine

15, Test --- electric measuring machine, AOI, 3D AOI.

A good PCB has much to do with the production equipment of the circuit board factory, especially for some difficult boards which require the higher standard for the equipment.

Fast turn PCB has introduced a series of advanced equipment to improve the quality and efficiency of production, in order to provide customers with a better and faster service. We will be your most reliable PCB supplier.

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