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How to choose supplier for your Automotive HDI PCBs?

  • 2018-11-28 09:08:25

Recent years, modern automotive industry has improved itself to be focus more on handling, sensing, information transmission and recording from the traditional automotive industry which strives more for mechanics, power, hydraumatic and transmission. To achieve the automotive modernization and digitalization, HDI PCBs have become the first option. So for the automotive HDI PCB manufacturers, how can they be capable?

automotive HDI PCB

As we all know, automotive HDI boards require high reliability and security. So the automotive HDI PCB manufacturers needs to meet the following requirements:

1.HDI PCB manufacturers have to be capable to fabricate the boards in terms of technologies of high HDI fabrication capability and quality control system.

As we also know, to be an automotive manufacturer, one supplier has to be authorized by a third party for some certification like ISO9001 and ISO/TS16949. This is the qualification to an Automotive PCB supplier, which also means that the factory has the corresponding administration system and quality control system to be capable for the automotive HDI PCBs.

Besides, automotive HDI boards have the strict requirements about the line and space, and most of them don’t allow any modifications. This means that, the manufacturers have to attain the high end equipment and technology to ensure the special stack up and the process go well. To be more specific, they have to feature capability index of process (CPK) at least 1.33 and equipment manufacturing capacity (CMK) at least 1.67.

automotive HDI boards

2. Have the assess to the typical automotive material like core board, Prepreg and solder mask.

Automotive HDI PCBs have to depend on lamination of at least two layers of prepreg because a single layer of prepreg possibly leads to insulating resistance reduction if cavity or insufficient adhesive occurs. Also solder mask play an important role in automotive devices. It does not only protect the external circuits, but also connect with the appearance, quality and reliability of product.

3. Have the corresponding rigorous tests for the material.

* Thermal Storage Test. This is used to check the reliability of solder mask, especially its peel-off strength.

* CAF Test. It is implemented to measure insulation resistance between two conductors.

* Weather Temperature Cycling Test. Boards to be tested need to go through pre-processing prior to reflow soldering.

* High and Low Temperature Thermal Shock Test. This is the way to check the resistance change rate to see if there is a gap with the standards.

Obviously, HDI PCB manufacturers need to be tested by strict task before they can be Automotive PCB supplier. Luckily, Fast Turn is one of the automotive HDI manufacturers. We have some experience in the automotive pcb boards,, contact us quickly!

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