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High Density Interconnect (HDI) PCB Fabrication

  • 2018-11-16 16:30:39

HDI printed circuit boards are circuits that offer much higher wiring densities per area than standard circuit boards, with finer lines and spaces, smaller vias and higher connection pad density. Fast Turn PCB has improved and upgraded our manufacturing facilities in 2011 to include HDI board fabrication and now provide manufacturing HDI PCB service in our comprehensive list of PCB fabrication capabilities.

Using HDI instead of conventional PCBs can reduce the thickness size and weight as well as to enhance electrical performance of the PCB. This is due to the micro-via and buried via in the HDI PCB sequentially laminated using various insulation materials and conductor wiring for higher density of routing. There are much to learn about the HDI PCB fabrication. Firstly, let us start with the following pic to learn about the HDI technology in holes:


And then, we can get a touch about the HDI process as the following pictures show:

hdi process flow of build up

Currently Fast Turn PCB manufacturing facilities have been upgraded to be able to manufacture HDI PCB with the capability to fabricate the following:

Buried, Blind and Micro-Via


Copper Fill

Sequential Lamination

3/3 Traces/Space

5% Impedance

Our high density circuit boards have the technology-pushing capabilities to drive applications in a large number of industries including but not limited to semiconductor test equipment, defense, medical and aerospace.

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