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0.7mm Thin Impedance Control FR4 Pcb Prototype Quick Pcb Manufacturers


Quick Turn PCB Specifications:

Layer: 4 layers Material: FR4 IT180A
Thickness: 0.0275″ Min. line width: 4mil
Min. Hole size: 8mil Surface finish: ENIG
Copper thickness: 1 OZ Unit size; 149*157.6mm
Impedance control: Yes IPC Standard: IPC2
Soldermask color: Green Leading time: 2 working days

Product detail:

  1. We usually use IT 180A or S1000-2 for TG 175 to replace the unreliable materials.
  2. The surface finish of the board is ENIG.  We can also change it to be HASL lead Free , Immersion silver , Immersion Tin, OSP, HARD GOLD, Soft Gold, Gold finger, ENEPIG depending on your need.
  3. This is a 2 days quick turn board.  For the 4 layer fast pcb fabrication, we can make it within 48 hours as the fastest lead time.
  4. The board is thin pcb board with its board thickness being only 0.7 mm.

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