PCB power Supply

6 layers custom FR4 94v0 pcb board Hi TG power supply quick turn pcb electronics


PCB power Supply specification:

Layer: 6 Material: FR4 TG170
Thickness: 0.062″ Min.Line width: 3.8mil
Min.Hole size: 10mil Surface finish: ENIG
Copper thickness: 1 OZ Unit size: 7.30*4.50″
Impedance control: Yes Min. Copper holes: 1mil/hole
Solder mask: Green Leading time: 3 working days

Product detail:

*  We usually use IT 180A or S1000-2 for FR4 TG 175 and we will never use the low TG FR4 material for the circuit board fabrication.

* The surface finish of the board is ENIG. You can also choose other ways for the board such as HASL lead Free ,  Immersion silver , Immersion Tin according to your design. Our engineers can also give you some advice on it.

* The Min line width and space is 3.8/4.5mil. This is regular project in Fast Turn PCB with a 3 days quick turn time.

* We use the VPC (Vertical Continuous Plating) to ensure that the plated surface is smooth and uniform.

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