PCB gold fingers

4 layer Green Impedance Control Industrial Main PCB Board Printing with gold fingers


pcb gold fingers specification:

Layer: 4 Material: FR4 TG 170
Thickness: 1.6mm Min. Line width and space: 5.5 mil
Min.Hole size: 8 mil Surface finish: ENIG+ Gold fingers(30u”)
Copper thickness: 1 OZ Unit size: 4.5*11.0″
Impedance control: Yes Leading time: 7 working days

Product detail:

*  This a green soldermask pcb board with the ENIG+gold fingers finish.  For the gold thickness of the gold fingers, we have the specification of 15u”, 30u”, 50u” and 60 u”.


*  For the impedance control boards, we will have a impedance testing and generate a report before they are shipped. And for the gold fingers, we will also inspect on the gold thickness. All these test results will be reported to you in a formal hard copy.

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