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6 layers Household Appliance FR4 High TG Electronic Blank Circuit boards


PCB specification:


Layer; 6 Material: FR4 TG175
Thickness: 0.062″ Min.line width 4.5 mil
Surface finish: ENIG Copper thickness: 1 OZ
Array size: 9.18*7.59 “ Min. Copper hole: 1 mil/hole
Filled vias: Yes Leading time: 8 working days

Product detail:

*  This is a regular green soldermask household appliance rigid pcb made from the high quality Hi TG grass fiber FR4 material, with its board thickness being 1.6 mm. For this regular FR4 board, we choose S1000-2 for this board.

*  For the impedance control boards, we will have a impedance testing by using the impedance testing machine and generate a report before they are shipped.

*  This board is made in accordance to the IPC 6012 class 3 standards. Thus the surface is smooth and the burrs are removed clearly.

*  For the copper foil, we have the capabilities to manufacture boards from 0.3-10 oz for the rigid pcb.

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